Try Hacking This Password

Can you hack this password? #shorts

Can You Hack This Password? #shorts

Sumsub empowers compliance and anti-fraud teams to combat money laundering, terrorist financing, and online fraud. They have created a password challenge that tests the strength of a password against hacking attempts. The video poses the question, how long would it take for a hacker to crack a particular password?

Password Strength

The password in question is eight characters long and contains four types of symbols. It would take an estimated 34 years to crack this password, thanks to the high number of possible combinations. Even at a rapid rate of 6 million attempts per second, it would still take an astronomical amount of time to guess the correct combination.

Brute Force Attack

The video invites viewers to learn about the concept of a Brute Force attack and whether it is truly possible to create a password that is impossible to crack. For those interested in cybersecurity and online privacy, this video provides valuable insights into the importance of strong, secure passwords.

Try Hacking This Password

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Try Hacking This Password