15+ New Games Announced at Game Awards


Welcome to the World of New Game Announcements and Updates

Game Awards Highlights

Attendees to The Game Awards on December 8th, 2023, got a lot of new game announcements and updates, including an unexpected “World of Goo 2” announcement. “Exoborne” introduced a new multiplayer co-op shooter, and “The Last Sentinel” made its debut as a AAA sci-fi action open-world game. Other announcements included a new version of “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons,” a “Jurassic Park” craft/”>game, “Big Walk,” and more.

Exciting New Trailers and Updates

Several renowned game developers and studios brought about some exciting new trailers and updates. Notable mentions include the trailer for “Quan Chi,” a new game from ex-BioWare developers called “Exodus” starring Matthew McConaughey, and a new game from the makers of “Ori and the Blind Forest” titled “No Rest for the Wicked.”

DLC Announcements and Updates

Additionally, several updates and DLC announcements were made for games like “Final Fantasy XVI” and “Elden Ring.” Also, a “No Return” mode for “The Last of Us Part 2” and the development of its “Shadow of the Erdtree” expansion were revealed. Furthermore, “Horizon Forbidden West” on Steam is expected to be released soon in 2024.

15+ New Games Announced at Game Awards

Upcoming Game Releases and Trailers

Not to be missed are the exciting trailers for “Grand Theft Auto 6,” the Witcher 4’s game director emphasizing freedom and intense gameplay, and a new IP from Hideo Kojima. Additionally, a revealing trailer for the “Fallout” Amazon TV series and updated trailers for “Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora” and “Halo” season two have generated significant buzz among gaming enthusiasts.

All in all, it was an action-packed week for the gaming community, with various updates, new announcements, and trailers. It’s evident that the future of gaming is bright, with exciting developments and immersive experiences just around the corner. So, buckle up and get ready for an exciting journey into the world of gaming!

Thank you for tuning in, and remember to spread the joy of gaming to those around you! 💫🎮

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15+ New Games Announced at Game Awards