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  • Scammers Exposed: Number Spoofing Trick!

    Scammers Exposed: Number Spoofing Trick!


    Unveiling the Tactics of Scammers: How Your Number is Spoofed Have you ever received a call from a familiar number, only to realize that the person on the line is not who they claim to be? This deceptive practice, known as spoofing, is on the rise as scammers use advanced technology to manipulate caller IDs…

  • Apex Legends Security Breach!

    Apex Legends Security Breach!


    The Shocking Incident: Apex Legends Hacked Live During Global Series In a jaw-dropping turn of events, Apex Legends, one of the most popular battle royale games, was hacked live during a global esports series, leaving audiences and players stunned. The breach occurred during one of the largest tournaments, raising concerns about the game’s security and…

  • Exposing Voice Scam Tactics

    Exposing Voice Scam Tactics


    How scammers use AI to fake your voice In today’s digital age, scammers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their tactics to deceive unsuspecting individuals. One prevalent method used by scammers is the manipulation of voice recordings to make it seem like they are speaking with a trusted individual. But how exactly do they achieve this…

  • Is Valorant Spyware? The Truth Revealed!

    Is Valorant Spyware? The Truth Revealed!


    Is Valorant Spyware? When it comes to online gaming, concerns about privacy and security are always at the forefront. With the rise of Valorant, a popular first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games, questions have been raised about whether the game is spyware or safe to play. In this article, we delve into the details…

  • Sneaky Ransomware Story ft. Joe Biden

    Sneaky Ransomware Story ft. Joe Biden


    Ransomware Incidents Gain Attention with Reference to Joe Biden and The PC Security Channel Instances of ransomware attacks have been on the rise, with cybercriminals constantly finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities and disrupt systems. Recently, a new ransomware dubbed “Biden” has caught the attention of researchers, including MalwareHunterTeam and The PC Security Channel. The…

  • Store Gets Hacked by Sumsub Scammer

    Store Gets Hacked by Sumsub Scammer


    Scammer Hacks the Store: An Insight into Cybersecurity Threats The Vulnerability The recent revelation from Sumsub sheds light on the alarming vulnerability faced by online stores. An attacker can exploit a QR code and SQL injection to manipulate the product prices and even lock the entire store by deleting items from the database. This dangerous…

  • Master Hacker Controls 26k Tubs Worldwide

    Master Hacker Controls 26k Tubs Worldwide


    Controlling over 26,000 Hot Tubs Worldwide: A Modern Technological Marvel! In a fascinating turn of events, a talented individual has managed to hack and control over 26,000 hot tubs across the world. These luxurious hot tubs, equipped with a mobile app for remote control, are now under the adept manipulation of this tech-savvy individual. Through…

  • How a Ex-Hacker Stopped Global Virus

    How a Ex-Hacker Stopped Global Virus


    The Hero Who Stopped the Global Computer Virus Epidemic In May 2017, a devastating wave of the “WannaCry” virus swept across the globe, disabling 300,000 computers in its wake. The impact was felt by hospitals, transport companies, banks, mobile operators, and airports worldwide. The ominous message demanding payment in bitcoins for file decryption haunted countless…

  • Mastering Cybersecurity Basics

    Mastering Cybersecurity Basics


    Cybersecurity Skills: A Beginner’s Guide In a world where cyber threats lurk around every virtual corner, having basic cybersecurity skills can be a game-changer. The video “Cybersecurity for Beginners: Basic Skills” delves into essential approaches and investigative techniques to shield yourself from scams, malware, ransomware, and other online dangers. Let’s break down some key takeaways…

  • Insane Android QR Code Hack?!

    Insane Android QR Code Hack?!


    The Power of Hacking with an Android Phone and QR Codes In the world of hacking, ingenuity knows no bounds. Forget the stereotypical image of a hacker behind a massive computer setup. Today, all it takes is an ordinary Android phone, a bit of know-how, and a devious mind to wreak havoc. Sumsub, a company…

  • Billionaire Gets Hacked by Sumsub

    Billionaire Gets Hacked by Sumsub


    Breaking Into a Billionaire’s Account Imagine a world where even billionaires are not safe from cyber attacks. In a recent #shorts video, we witness how a group of individuals managed to hack into a billionaire’s account with disturbing ease. The Hack The team consists of a human hacker and a technical expert. They leverage information…

  • Craziest AI Fraud Experiments

    Craziest AI Fraud Experiments


    The Era of AI-Generated Fraud: A Deep Dive into What The Fraud? Episode 2 Exploring the Threats of AI-Generated Disinformation In a world where AI-generated disinformation is deemed the most significant threat to the global economy by the World Economic Forum, the podcast “What The Fraud?” delves into this concerning issue with expert insights. Host…

  • Sumsub Mitnick Hacks Paris Hotel Safe

    Sumsub Mitnick Hacks Paris Hotel Safe


    Kevin Mitnick’s Paris Hotel Safe Break-In Revealed in #Shorts Unveiling Hotel Safe Security Risks Kevin Mitnick, renowned for his prowess in hacking and security, recently shared a startling discovery during his stay at a luxurious Parisian hotel. Concerned about carrying a substantial amount of cash in the bustling city, Mitnick opted to secure it in…

  • Hacking QR Codes: The Dirty Truth

    Hacking QR Codes: The Dirty Truth


    Decoding the World of QR Codes Unraveling the Mysteries of QR Codes QR codes, short for Quick Response codes, have seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, offering a convenient way to access information with a simple scan. But beneath their surface lies a potential threat – are QR codes really safe for users? Understanding the…

  • CSGO vs. CS2: Are Cheats the Key?

    CSGO vs. CS2: Are Cheats the Key?


    Unleashing Chaos: Cheating in CSGO vs. CS2 When it comes to the realm of cheaters in competitive gaming, Counter-Strike has seen its fair share of notorious players. But the question remains, were cheats better in Counter-Strike Global Offensive or Counter-Strike 2? Let’s delve into the world of hacking, exploits, and the mayhem they bring to…

  • Windows Defender Tries to Stop Ransomware

    Windows Defender Tries to Stop Ransomware


    Windows Defender vs Ransomware 2024 Every year, the battle between Windows Defender and ransomware takes center stage as security enthusiasts eagerly await the outcome. The testing in 2024 promises to be as intense as ever, with tweaks to Attack Surface Reduction (ASR) using Defender UI and default settings. The question on everyone’s mind is whether…

  • Hawking Saves Open AI

    Hawking Saves Open AI


    The Impact of Hawking’s Words on Open AI 8 years ago, a group of visionary individuals co-founded Open AI, a nonprofit with a noble mission of creating artificial general intelligence for the betterment of humanity. Despite facing skepticism and challenges, they persevered. In those early days, Open AI operated out of a humble apartment, symbolizing…

  • Hack Your Windows: Avoiding Malware Risk

    Hack Your Windows: Avoiding Malware Risk


    Protect Yourself from Malware with These Windows Tweaks Understanding the Threat Most users fall victim to malware by accidentally running malicious files disguised as harmless documents like PDFs or contracts. The consequences can be dire, leading to data loss or ransomware attacks. But fear not, there are simple Windows tweaks that can help you avoid…

Scammers Exposed: Number Spoofing Trick!