TechLinked: Google Lost Our Minds


Google Lost, and So Did We

Tech News: Google Lost, and So Did We

Google has agreed to pay $700 million in damages to US consumers as part of a settlement with every state attorney’s general over the search giant’s alleged anti-competitive Play Store rules.

Google’s Settlement and Implications

The $700 million settlement, although less than what the Play Store makes in a month, guarantees a minimum payout of $2 per user. As part of the settlement, Google has agreed to simplify sideloading for at least the next 5 years and allow Android phone OEMs to pre-install more apps on new phones for at least 7 years.

TechLinked: Google Lost Our Minds

Beeper Mini’s iMessage Workaround

Beeper’s new iMessage workaround for its Android-based app requires users to have access to a Mac’s unique registration data. Although the method raises concerns about privacy, it shows innovative strategies to bridge platforms.

AI Utilization in Employment and Driving

Deloitte is using AI to assess existing employees’ skills and creating plans to shift them into higher demand roles. Additionally, Waymo’s AI has reported an 85% reduction in crashes resulting in injuries and a 57% reduction in crashes reported by police compared to human benchmarks. Moreover, an AI was able to beat humans at a rotating wooden Maze Game, showcasing its advancement in intellectual and physical tasks.

Quick Bits

Comcast has experienced a data breach affecting 36 million Xfinity customers, Intel is on track to launch its next-gen Battlemage GPUs in 2024, Mercedes-Benz is proposing to use turquoise tail lights to communicate when a car is driving itself, and the VR market is experiencing a decline despite major investments from companies like Meta.

Implications of EU Regulations on Adult Sites

PornHub, Strip Chat, and X Videos have been classified under the strictest regulatory classification under the Digital Services Act by the EU. This decision will likely lead to user age verification gates on all three sites.

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TechLinked: Google Lost Our Minds

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TechLinked: Google Lost Our Minds