Insane Interview Moments


How is this interview real?!

Asmongold Reacts To: Jared Leto Interviewed by the VTuber Fubuki

Recently, Asmongold reacted to a hilarious interview where Jared Leto, the actor known for his role as Morbius, was interviewed by the VTuber Fubuki. The interview took an unexpected turn as Leto engaged in a conversation with the virtual fox character. Leto’s reactions and Fubuki’s unique style made the interview truly entertaining and memorable.

Asmongold Clips Channel

The Asmongold Clips YouTube channel is known for featuring humorous moments and highlights from various popular games. Asmongold, along with Mcconnell, frequently commentates on games like Baldur’s Gate 3, Diablo 4, FFXIV, and more. The channel’s content also includes reactions to world record speed runs, Blizzard drama, VTubers, and videos from creators like penguinz0 and Internet Historian.

Unconventional Interview

The interview started off with Fubuki complimenting Leto’s voice and appearance, creating a light-hearted atmosphere. Fubuki’s virtual fox character and Leto’s baffled reactions added a touch of surreal humor to the conversation. Leto’s perplexed yet amused demeanor and Fubuki’s playful banter made the interaction truly unique.

Insane Interview Moments

Entertaining Exchange

Throughout the interview, Fubuki’s charismatic and quirky persona kept Leto on his toes. At one point, Leto humorously expressed his disbelief and unease, adding to the hilarity of the situation. The interview transcended the typical celebrity Q&A, offering an unexpected and captivating exchange between two contrasting personas.

Asmongold’s Reaction

Asmongold’s reaction to the interview was filled with amusement and laughter. The unexpected nature of the interview and the delightful dynamic between Leto and Fubuki left Asmongold thoroughly entertained. His genuine enjoyment of the content further amplified the appeal of the interview.

For those interested in witnessing this unconventional and entertaining interaction, the full interview is available at the following link.

Overall, this unique interview brought together two distinct worlds, creating an amusing and memorable exchange. Asmongold’s reaction highlighted the entertaining nature of the content, making it a delightful watch for fans of both Leto and Fubuki.

Insane Interview Moments