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ChatGPT Unveils New Feature for Multi-GPT Integration

OpenAI recently introduced a groundbreaking feature to ChatGPT, enabling users to seamlessly call upon multiple GPTs within a single chat. This transformative feature is exclusively available to ChatGPT Plus members and offers a multitude of possibilities for creative and practical applications.

How It Works

With the new integration, users can simply type “@” in the chat and select from a list of GPTs previously used. Once selected, they can engage directly with the chosen GPT, harnessing its unique capabilities to fulfill a wide range of tasks.

Practical Examples

One practical application is demonstrated by content creator Mr. eflow, showcasing how the feature can be used to perform complex tasks. From generating an image of a wolf eating a taco to converting it into a PDF and even creating a PowerPoint presentation around it, the possibilities are limitless.

Revolutionize ChatGPT Usage with Matt Wolfe!

Challenges and Future Potential

While the feature shows enormous potential, it’s important to note that it’s still in the early stages, and there may be some bugs and limitations to work through. However, as developers catch up and adapt their GPTs to this new functionality, the seamless integration of multiple GPTs opens up a world of exciting possibilities.


The introduction of the multi-GPT integration feature in ChatGPT marks a significant advancement in the capabilities of AI chat platforms. As developers and users alike continue to explore and experiment with this feature, its potential for transformative applications continues to grow.

Exciting times lie ahead for the world of AI and its practical applications. The possibilities are vast, and the community is eager to see how this new feature will revolutionize the field of AI interaction.

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Revolutionize ChatGPT Usage with Matt Wolfe!