SSundee’s Catnap Chaos


Catnap Takes Over Among Us

GAMEPLAY: Among Us – Poppy Playtime Cat Nap Mod

Among Us takes on a new twist with the introduction of the Poppy Playtime Cat Nap mod. In this adventure, players Michael, Nicovald, Kate, Lookumz, BiffleWiffle, Sigils, Garryblox, and Zud navigate a unique scenario where their job as crewmates is to rescue critters and send them home, while Michael, the Catnapper, is out to stop them from achieving their task. Who will prevail?


The goal for the crewmates is to save all the critters and send them home through their teleporter. They have to complete a certain number of tasks to obtain a key, which will ultimately free a critter. Meanwhile, the Catnapper aims to stop them from achieving this goal. As Michael, the Catnapper, he has to collect five key items and use them to trap critters, ultimately preventing the crewmates from freeing three of them, in which case he loses the game.


As the game progresses, Michael unlocks various abilities including Tail Tom Foolery, which allows him to grab and throw players, and Paw Claws, which directly impacts their game status.

SSundee’s Catnap Chaos


As the game unfolds, we see Michael frantically racing against time to undermine the crewmates’ efforts. The tension rises as key item after key item is collected, and the fate of the critters hanging in the balance.


Trying to deceive his opponents, Michael strategizes and interacts with other players in an attempt to distract, stall, and ultimately secure his win. With each move, the competition gets more intense, and the stakes get higher.

Ultimately, the game culminates in a thrilling conclusion, as Michael makes use of his unlocked abilities to outmaneuver the crewmates and secure his victory as the Catnapper. Despite the fierce competition and high stakes, the game ends in absolute triumph for Michael. His strategic gameplay was a testament to his unparalleled skills in the game.

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SSundee’s Catnap Chaos