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Guilded, a platform often seen as a competitor to Discord, has been experiencing quite a few technical issues that are leaving its users frustrated and concerned. Let’s take a deep dive into some of these issues, from broken messages to server ownership exploits.

Message Mischief

When using Guilded’s API, it’s been discovered that users can send broken messages and create custom forms with ease, something that’s almost impossible on other platforms. This can lead to an enormous amount of confusion and make chat rooms virtually unusable. Glitches and Gaffes

IP Grabbing

One of the more alarming issues is that Guilded’s flawed API allows users to log IP addresses when someone visits their profile. This kind of security vulnerability poses a serious risk to users’ privacy and safety and should be addressed immediately.

Forced Server Ownership

Exploiting an oversight in Guilded’s system enables users to transfer ownership of servers to anyone regardless of their presence in a server. This could potentially turn a perfectly normal server into something awful, endangering the safety of all members.

Guilded Crasher

The most alarming discovery is the Guilded Crasher which, when unleashed, causes Guilded to malfunction, rendering it inaccessible to all users. This serious glitch has the potential to disrupt operations and cause widespread frustration amongst Guilded users.

It’s clear that these multiple vulnerabilities on Guilded need to be addressed as soon as possible. Exploiting them might seem amusing to some, but it can seriously compromise user safety and the reliability of the platform. Guilded’s developers need to take these seriously and act swiftly to protect their users.

Let’s use this as a prompt to apply pressure that prompts the necessary improvements. Glitches and Gaffes

Remember that while it’s vital to address these issues, it’s also important to remember that Guilded has the potential to be a great platform. With the right changes, it can be an exciting space for gaming communities to come together and connect.

Don’t forget that online communities should always strive to provide a safe space for all users.

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Let’s hope that Guilded resolves these issues swiftly so users can experience a safer, more reliable platform. 🎮 Glitches and Gaffes Glitches and Gaffes