No Text To Speech Discord Bot Hack


I Hacked a Discord Bot, the Owner said this...

Hacked Capture.Bot: A Security Wake-Up Call for Discord Server Owners

A Vulnerability Uncovered

Recently, a notable Discord bot,, was found to have a vulnerability by cyber researcher, xyzeva. The discovery allowed for unauthorized access, and to demonstrate the potential danger, YouTube personality, notexttospeech, undertook a hack attempt within a controlled environment. The goal? To achieve admin status on a Discord server using the compromised bot.

The Hack

The process involved leveraging a debug mode within the capture bot. Through careful manipulation of the bot’s API, notexttospeech managed to gain access to the debug mode and reconfigure the server’s settings, ultimately granting themselves admin privileges. The hack, while not intended for malicious purposes, showcased the ease with which such a security lapse could be exploited.

The Lessons to be Learned

What might seem to be a playful demonstration serves as an eye-opening warning for Discord server owners and bot developers alike. With the potential for catastrophic implications, including server-wide destruction, the importance of robust security measures cannot be overstated. Bot developers must take responsibility for creating and maintaining secure platforms, while server owners should remain vigilant and regularly audit the permissions granted to bots and users.

No Text To Speech Discord Bot Hack

The response by the bot owner could have profound implications, and the security of an endless array of servers may remain at high risk unless further steps are taken. It is imperative that this incident serves as a catalyst for progress in the realm of Discord bot security.

At the revelation of these vulnerabilities, both physical and moral duty demand that steps be taken to seal the breaches. Ethical hackers such as xyzeva and notexttospeech deserve praise for their commitment to responsibly disclosing security flaws, with the primary aim of prompting necessary change and safeguarding the integrity of digital communities.

Let’s use this incident as a reminder to foster a culture of heightened awareness and proactive protection in the digital realm. With collaborative effort, including bot developers, server owners, and ethical hackers, the discordant notes of security vulnerabilities can be tempered into a harmonious symphony of resilient and trustworthy online experiences.

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No Text To Speech Discord Bot Hack