Free Custom Discord Avatar Decorations Trick!


How to get Free Custom Discord Avatar Decorations!

Customize Your Discord Avatar Decorations for Free with VenCord’s New Plug-in!

How to Get Started

For Discord enthusiasts tired of the limited avatar decorations available within the platform, VenCord’s new plugin, Decor, offers an exciting solution. It’s time to step up your avatar game for free! 🎨

To get started, download the VenCord plugin from Vencord. Once installed, it will open a world of creative possibilities to enhance your Discord profile with custom avatar decorations.

Installation and Set-Up

The installation process is simple and user-friendly, working across multiple platforms. It is important to keep in mind that Discord client modifications are against the terms of service, so download and install at your discretion.

Free Custom Discord Avatar Decorations Trick!

Once VenCord is installed, open Discord, enable the Decor plugin, and restart Discord. This will prompt you to grant authorization to the Decor bot, allowing other users with the plugin to see your custom avatar decoration. Now, you’re ready to start personalizing your profile!

Changing and Uploading Decorations

Decor offers a wide variety of preset avatar decorations to choose from, including animated and static options. For those artistically-inclined, the plugin allows users to upload their own custom avatar decorations in PNG or animated PNG format.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that there are guidelines to follow when uploading custom decorations, including no NSFW content, and the restrictions on re-uploading Discord’s own avatar decorations. The developer aims to avoid any legal issues with Discord, so users are encouraged to create unique designs or collaborate with artists to contribute new presets.

It’s essential to note that for now, only users with the Decor plugin installed can view custom avatar decorations. Nonetheless, with the wide range of options available, there’s something for everyone to express themselves creatively.

Staying Updated and Uninstallation

As with any new plugin, updates and changes are likely to occur, so staying updated through the VenCord Discord server may be beneficial.

Free Custom Discord Avatar Decorations Trick!

For those worried about the risks associated with Discord client modifications, VenCord’s plugin can be easily uninstalled. By removing the plugin and unauthorizing the Decor bot through Discord’s settings, users can revert to using regular Discord features.

In conclusion, VenCord’s Decor plugin adds an exciting new dimension to Discord profile customization, giving users the opportunity to express themselves creatively like never before.

So, why wait? Get creative, personalize your Discord profile, and showcase your unique style to the community with VenCord’s Decor plugin today! 🌟

Free Custom Discord Avatar Decorations Trick!