Cybercrime Rapper Sells Stolen Credit Cards


Cybercrime Rapper Wants You To Buy Stolen Credit Cards

Cybercrime Rapper Offers Stolen Credit Cards for Sale

This is Punchmade Dev, a rapper who has recently launched an online store selling stolen credit cards. The website also has a glitchy Anonymous mask, and it offers hacked PayPal accounts, credit card details, and “OPSEC software”. The site accepts only cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.

Possible Legal Implications

Some speculate that the reason Punchmade Dev is not in jail is that law enforcement could be building a case against him, while others believe that Punchmade could be using this as a marketing ploy to provide interesting content for his songs.

Revenge Cyber Attack Takes Down Russian ISP

Recently, Ukrainian hackers initiated a destructive cyber attack on M9COM, a Russian ISP in Moscow, as retaliation for the massive hack on the Ukrainian ISP Kyivstar. Russian hackers, possibly supported by the state, managed to take down Kyivstar, causing widespread disruption for over 50% of the Ukrainian population. The Ukrainian hackers disrupted internet and TV connections and leaked confidential data in retaliation. The attack lasted for a few hours, which is significantly shorter than the two-day disruption caused by the Russian group.

Cybercrime Rapper Sells Stolen Credit Cards

Arrest of Illegal Crypto Miner in Ukraine

A 29-year-old hacker in Ukraine has been arrested for illegally mining cryptocurrency. The cybercriminal targeted a well-known American e-commerce company, using over a million virtual machines to carry out the mining operation. The damages from the illegal mining are estimated to be over $2 million. The victims of such crimes often end up paying a steep price for the actions of cybercriminals.

Cyber security continues to be a growing concern, with individuals and organizations susceptible to being at the mercy of cybercriminals. The need for robust and secure online protection is more critical than ever.

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Cybercrime Rapper Sells Stolen Credit Cards

Cybercrime Rapper Sells Stolen Credit Cards