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Hurry & Read This Book Or Nyarlathotep Takes Your Life & Your Wife - EXILED

Exiled: A Lovecraftian Adventure

Exiled is a Lovecraftian horror game created by the dev of My Friendly Neighborhood. In Exiled, players must study an eldritch tome to figure out how to save their loved ones from the clutches of ancient and malevolent beings.

A Gripping Tale of Love and Loss

The game begins with the protagonist, a devoted spouse, finding a cryptic note from their missing wife, Charlotte. The note reveals that she has been banished to the ancient realm, sparking a desperate quest to find her.

Translating Eldritch Puzzles and Prying the Secrets of Ancient Tomes

The gameplay revolves around translating and solving eldritch puzzles and books to uncover the mysteries of the ancient realm and ultimately save Charlotte.

Escape Nyaralthotep with this Book

An Engaging Gameplay Experience

As players delve deeper into the game, they encounter eerie environments, eldritch language puzzles, and a plethora of clues that will help them piece together the solution to the challenges at hand.

A Modern Spin on Lovecraftian Horror

Exiled offers a dynamic and modern twist on Lovecraftian horror, where players must navigate through a world filled with eldritch beings and decipher cryptic messages to progress through the game.

A Refrain from the Mundane

With engaging gameplay and an innovative take on Lovecraftian storytelling, Exiled delivers a thrilling experience that keeps players on the edge of their seats as they race against time to save their loved one.

A Message of Hope

Though the journey through Exiled may be fraught with eerie encounters and unearthly challenges, players who persist in their quest will ultimately find a resolution that brings a poignant sense of closure and victory.

Overall, Exiled offers an immersive and memorable experience that appeals to fans of Lovecraftian horror and eldritch mysteries. Players are sure to find themselves captivated by the gripping narrative and engaging gameplay as they embark on their quest to save their spouse from the clutches of the ancient realm.

Escape Nyaralthotep with this Book

Embrace the darkness, decipher the eldritch, and restore hope in Exiled!

Escape Nyaralthotep with this Book