Crazy Hooking Explained



Hacking Games: Understanding Hooking

If you’re learning how to hack games, you’ve probably come across the concept of hooking. But what exactly is hooking and how does it work? In this article, we’ll delve into the world of function hooking and explore its fundamental role in internal game hacking.

Understanding Memory Access

When it comes to cheats, there are two primary types: internals and externals. Internals are executed within the game and have direct memory access, while externals do not. Hooking is predominantly an internal activity, allowing for more efficient and convenient memory manipulation.

The Essence of Function Hooking

So what exactly is hooking? In simple terms, a video game program is composed of a sequence of instructions. Hooking allows us to intercept these instructions and make impactful changes to the game’s functionality. By hooking functions, we can manipulate the game’s flow and behavior through code injection.

Crazy Hooking Explained

For example, if a game has a “take damage” function, we can hook this function to modify the damage parameter, effectively preventing the player from taking any damage. This demonstrates how hooking empowers us to alter the game’s core mechanics.

Applications of Hooking

Hooking is extensively used in rendering, allowing overlays like Discord and Steam to function seamlessly within games. It is also a crucial component in creating internal menus, ESP, and other in-game visual elements.

Detectability and Types of Hooking

While hooking provides powerful capabilities, it is also relatively easy to detect. Anti-cheat systems can monitor for changes in the game’s code, making it important to proceed with caution when hooking.

Trampoline hooking and VMT hooking are two popular methods used in game hacking. Trampoline hooking involves modifying the game’s assembly to redirect the flow of code, while VMT hooking exploits virtual function tables in C++. Both methods have their advantages and drawbacks, making them suitable for different scenarios.


Hooking is an essential aspect of game hacking, allowing for advanced manipulation of game code. While it comes with its own set of challenges, mastering the art of hooking can provide significant advantages for aspiring game hackers.

Crazy Hooking Explained

For more in-depth knowledge and practical examples, it is encouraged to explore additional resources and conduct further research. With the right skills and understanding, hooking can open up a world of possibilities for game hacking enthusiasts.

As always, remember to approach game hacking ethically and responsibly. Happy hacking!

Crazy Hooking Explained