No Redstone Challenge: Can Redstone Be Avoided?


Redstone without Redstone (is it possible?)

Redstone without Redstone? A Whole New Level of Minecraft Building

Minecraft has brought excitement to countless players, but there’s always room for innovation. In this challenge, our creative Minecraft expert sets out to craft redstone machines without using any redstone. A seemingly insurmountable task that leads to the discovery of an uncharted territory within the game.

Limitations Breed Creativity

The challenge begins by setting the rules: no redstone, no redstone-derived components, and no craftable redstone components. This means abandoning pistons and stepping out of the comfort zone of standard redstone machinery components.

With these limitations in place, the builder pushes the boundaries of conventional redstone machine crafting. The game plan becomes clear: focus on using the available resources – water, armour stands, trapdoors, and pressure plates – to create a new way of building redstone-like contraptions.

No Redstone Challenge: Can Redstone Be Avoided?

Embracing the Power of Water

The first breakthrough comes in the form of an ingenious “water stone” machine, which relies on manipulating the equilibrium of water and pressure to create ON and OFF signals, serving as basic building blocks for more complex machines.

The builder achieves this by crafting a series of logic gates like AND, OR, and XOR from the water components. Despite the complexity involved, the use of the simplest resources, water and armour stands, opens a new avenue for innovative and resourceful building strategies.

From Basics to Beyond

While the limitations in available resources might seem restrictive, the builder’s innovation leads to the creation of a full adder circuit—a fundamental component of computers. The circuit involves inputting binary numbers, using the most unconventional Minecraft building materials, to achieve the desired output.

But here’s the real kicker—this peculiar machine isn’t just a one-off gimmick. Instead, it acts as the groundwork for the builder’s ambitious idea: the creation of a working computer without a trace of redstone, only involving water and armour stands.

The Journey Continues

While this new frontier of water-powered redstone machines might seem impractical at first glance, it has certainly opened doors for possibilities within Minecraft. The tantalizing notion of a fully functional computer built from water and stones is proof that creativity knows no bounds.

No Redstone Challenge: Can Redstone Be Avoided?

This journey of Minecraft innovation demonstrates that obstacles can lead to unheard-of opportunities, inspiring builders everywhere to think outside the box and reimagine the limitless potential of a game that constantly evolves.

With this level of creativity and resourcefulness, it’s awe-inspiring to think about the endless possibilities that await within the Minecraft universe.

No Redstone Challenge: Can Redstone Be Avoided?