Corpos Fail at Controlling Gamers


Corpos try controlling gamers and it is NOT going well

The Ongoing Battle Between Corpos and Gamers

The latest attempts by greedy corpos to exert control over gamers are meeting fierce resistance, especially following a controversial statement by a Ubisoft executive. In a recent article on the issue, the gamer community voices its concerns and defiantly pushes back against the looming All Digital future. Let’s take a closer look at the ongoing struggle between corpos and gamers.

Ubisoft Executive’s Controversial Statement

The Gamer highlights a statement made by Philip Tremble, Ubisoft’s director of subscriptions, in which he encouraged gamers to feel comfortable with not owning their games. This statement has met with backlash from gamers who are wary of the implications of an All Digital future and the erosion of ownership rights.

Concerns Around Digital-Only Ownership

Gamers are expressing concerns about the shift towards a digital-only ownership model, citing worries about game preservation and the risk of losing access to titles due to licensing issues. They voice strong resistance to being pushed towards subscription services and argue against the erosion of their ownership rights.

Corpos Fail at Controlling Gamers

Resistance and Pushback from the Gamer Community

The gamer community reacts to the Ubisoft executive’s statement with defiance, with many users expressing their determination to continue owning their games. Some even humorously mention the possibility of pirating games in response to the controversial statement. The strong resistance from gamers highlights their staunch commitment to upholding their rights in the face of corporate pressure.

The Battle Ahead

Despite the attempts by corpos to push gamers towards subscription services and an All Digital future, the gamer community remains steadfast in its commitment to owning and preserving games. The ongoing struggle reflects the determination of gamers to protect their rights and resist the encroachment of corpos into their gaming experience.

As the battle between corpos and gamers continues, the gamer community’s resilience and defiance are a testament to their commitment to upholding their rights and shaping the future of gaming.

Thank you all for tuning in, and remember to stay resilient and positive in the face of corporate challenges. Together, gamers can continue to push for a gaming experience that honors ownership and preservation.

Corpos Fail at Controlling Gamers