TechLinked: SECOND GPU Launch Deets!


But What About SECOND GPU Launch?

RTX 40 Series Super Cards Leaks at CES 2024

The tech news is back, and it’s time to talk about some serious leaks and launches that have shook the tech community.

RTX 40 Series Super Cards: Leaks Galore

Alien Moore, a reliable leaker in the tech industry, has provided convincing renders of an Asus 470 Super after various retailers listed multiple MSI 470 Super and 470 TI Super Cards. In addition, the Eurasian Economic Commission leaked over 30 upcoming models from Gigabyte. The leaks have revealed impressive specifications for the upcoming GPUs, including improvements in vRAM, CUDA core, and memory bus width. However, the missing piece of information that everyone is waiting for is the pricing. Hopefully, Nvidia uses their CES announcement to balance the price to performance ratio.

Unannounced AMD Radeon Cards

The Eurasian Economic Commission did not stop at Nvidia, as they also posted listings for three unannounced AMD Radeon cards. Among these cards is the rumored RX 7600 XT, which has been speculated to debut late next month. Additionally, a 7600 non-XT and a 7800 non-XT were also mentioned, although sources suggest that there are no plans for any 7700 or 7800 non-XTs right now. These leaks paint an interesting picture for AMD’s upcoming releases.

TechLinked: SECOND GPU Launch Deets!

RTX 4090D Launch

Nvidia has officially launched the China-exclusive 490D, a cut-down version of the 4090 non-D. The card features an increase in base clock and a lower TDP, but massive cuts in core counts compare to the original 4090. However, the card still commands a hefty price tag of over $1800.

Quick Bits

– Microsoft launched the Co-pilot app for Android, their second AI chatbot app.
– Kasperski discovered a previously unknown and patched vulnerability in all Apple hardware called Operation Triangulation.
– LG is set to debut a small two-legged AI robot to act as a pet sitter and home security guard.
– An American intelligence assessment found that a Chinese spy balloon was using a US internet provider for data transmission.
– Researchers are using AI to hunt for beavers from space to aid in ecological services.

In conclusion, the tech industry is buzzing with leaks, launches, and new developments. The upcoming GPUs from Nvidia and AMD, along with the advancements in AI and security, promise to revolutionize the tech landscape. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the tech community!

Positive vibes all around, stay tuned for more game-changing announcements in the near future! 🚀

TechLinked: SECOND GPU Launch Deets!