Xbox’s Demise: GameLinked’s Take


Is This the End of Xbox?

Latest Gaming News: Is This the End of Xbox?

It seems like GameStop has ignited some Xbox drama after they released advertisements referring to a certain gaming Subscription Service as Microsoft Game Pass. The tweet has caused some unrest among the Xbox community, sparking fears that the service might be rebranded, leading to the demise of Xbox. However, according to gaming informant Wario64, EA has also used the term “Microsoft Game Pass” in the past, suggesting that a rebrand might not be on the horizon.

Recent Developments

Meanwhile, Disney has invested $1.5 billion in Epic Games, aiming to create a persistent universe tied to Fortnite. On the game front, Helldivers 2 has had a successful launch on PC, becoming the third best-selling game on Steam by revenue globally. However, the simultaneous release on PS5 and PC has been plagued with server issues, leading to the game being taken offline.

In the World of Gaming

Ubisoft has launched an open beta for Skull and Bones, a multiplayer pirate game, which will run until Sunday. Persona 3 Reload has become the fastest-selling game in developer Atlus’s history, with 1 million copies sold in a week. Fans of Call of Duty’s zombie mode are worried about the lack of new content, and Capcom has launched a survey to gauge fan perception and interest in potential future sequels or remakes.

Xbox’s Demise: GameLinked’s Take

Upcoming Games

Finally, the director of the upcoming action RPG Stellar Blade has stated that he paid special attention to the female protagonist’s design, focusing on her posterior side, and is focused on costume creation in the game.

Positive Note

Despite the ups and downs in the gaming world, there’s always something new and exciting on the horizon for gamers to look forward to!

Xbox’s Demise: GameLinked’s Take