Valve’s GameLink Shenanigans


Valve has Changed

Valve’s Recent Actions Leave Gamers and Developers Alike in Disbelief

Valve Issues DMCA Takedown to Fan Games

Valve has recently taken legal action against two fan games, causing an uproar among gaming enthusiasts. The company has requested the developer of Portal 64, an upcoming demake of Valve’s popular puzzle game, to remove the project from GitHub. Similarly, Valve issued a DMCA takedown to GitHub over Team Fortress Source 2, a project aiming to bring Team Fortress 2 to the modern Source 2 engine. This move has left many wondering about the company’s shift in policy and its implications for developers.

AI Content Allowed on Steam, with Caveats

In a surprising reversal, Valve has also decided to allow games with AI-generated content on Steam, a complete shift from its previous prohibition. However, the company has introduced strict guidelines for developers seeking to publish games containing AI content. All games with AI content must disclose this fact and assure Valve that their content does not contain any illegal or infringing material. This change in policy has raised questions about the potential ethical and legal issues surrounding AI-generated content in video games.

SAG-AFTRA Actors Strike a Deal with AI Voiceover Company

Additionally, the US actors union SAG-AFTRA announced an agreement allowing video game actors to license their voices to AI voiceover company Replica Studios. This decision, made without the input of many voice actors, has sparked controversy within the industry. While the agreement only lasts for a year, it has raised concerns about the future role of AI in voice acting and the potential impact on industry professionals.

Valve’s GameLink Shenanigans

Quick Bits: Nintendo Switch 2, Indiana Jones Game Title, Minecraft Legends, and Gaming Industry Worries

The article also covers quick news about the rumored specifications for the Nintendo Switch 2, the potential title for Bethesda’s Indiana Jones game, the discontinuation of Minecraft Legends, and comments from a gaming industry executive about the surplus of video games flooding the market.

Valve’s recent decisions and the ongoing developments in the gaming industry clearly illustrate the dynamic nature of the sector. With the ever-evolving landscape, it’s certain that more surprises and changes are on the horizon.

Overall, it’s an exciting time for gaming enthusiasts, and the future promises even more innovations and advancements in the industry. Stay tuned for more updates, and keep the gaming spirit alive! 🎮

Valve’s GameLink Shenanigans