The Future of AI: Great & Horrific

AI in 2024 | The Great and The Horrific

The Future of AI, Robotics, and Cybersecurity: Predictions for 2024

Wes Roth takes a deep dive into the world of AI, robotics, and cybersecurity, sharing insights from the groundbreaking developments of 2023 and making bold predictions for 2024.

AI Developments Recap

Notable releases in 2023, such as GPT-4, and advancements in generative AI set the stage for a revolutionary year ahead.

Open Source AI Models

The progress and potential of open-source AI models, compared to proprietary models, showcases the rapid evolution of AI technology.

The Future of AI: Great & Horrific

AI in Creative Fields

Generative AI’s impact on music, movies, and art, and its democratizing potential for content creation, mark a significant shift in creative industries.

AI and Cybersecurity

Analysis of AI’s role in cybersecurity and the complex balance of power in cyber warfare highlights potential future scenarios and implications.

AI and Physical Robots

Insights into the progress in humanoid robotics and their potential applications suggest a transformative future in robotics technology.

AI in Warfare

Considerations of the growing role of AI in warfare and the potential impact on offensive and defensive strategies raise critical questions about the future of global security.

Predictions for 2024

Wes Roth’s bold predictions for AI advancements in 2024, including the potential for open-source AI models and AI’s impact on warfare tactics, shed light on the evolution of technology in the coming year.

The Future of AI: Great & Horrific

Closing Thoughts: Looking Ahead

As Wes Roth’s predictions for the future of AI, robotics, and cybersecurity unfold, the world awaits the transformative potential and societal implications of these groundbreaking technologies.

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As we embrace the rapid evolution of AI and its potential for positive impact, the future holds boundless opportunities for innovation and technological advancement.

The Future of AI: Great & Horrific