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    VALORANT Patch 4.08 introduces Fade, Sova and Neon changes, and other minor updates

    VALORANT Patch 4.08 is finally here, introducing the shiny new initiator Fade alongside a controversial Jett nerf. Patch 4.08 also adjusts Sova and Neon and introduces small changes to the five-stack queues. 

    The most significant update in Patch 4.08 is Fade, the new initiator that can gather information and leave enemies vulnerable with terrifying abilities. Fade can mark, track, deafen, and blind enemies with her robust ability set, so make sure to be extra careful when facing her on the enemy team. 

    Patch 4.08 introduces the significant Jett nerf as well, changing how players use her Tailwind ability. Players must activate the Tailwind, which initiates a 0.75 delay and a 12-second window where they can use the dash. The days of instantly dashing are gone, so be ready for a significant adjustment. The Tailwind charge can still be regained after two kills, but the update will ensure players are more tactical with her ability. 

    Neon also received a balancing update in Patch 4.08. Neon’s battery energy received after killing an enemy increased from 25 percent to 100 percent. Her High Gear ability has also been adjusted as the slide ability can no longer be used during equip delay, the velocity restriction has been removed, and neon can now slide sideways and forward. The energy drain has also increased from 6.7 per second to 10 per second. Finally, Neon’s Fast Lane ability no longer deals damage to opponents.

    One of the best Initiators in VALORANT, Sova has also received a significant nerf. Sova’s Owl Drone now lasts seven seconds instead of 10 and has 100 health instead of 125. His dart now only reveals enemies twice, and the delay before revealing enemies has been slightly increased. His Shock Dart now only deals 75 points of damage instead of 90, and several other quality of life changes were introduced to improve his kit. You can find a list of these changes in the official patch notes. 

    Players can also see how much ammo is left for agent abilities, including Jett’s Bladestorm, Raze’s Showstopper, and Sova’s Hunter’s Fury. 

    Patch 4.08 introduces small changes to five-stack queues too, adjusting the gain/loss penalty for “different 5-stack configurations.” If all players in your party are ranked Iron to Diamond two, there is no RR penalty. If any player is outside of this parameter, the group receives a 25 percent RR penalty. If anyone is Diamond three to Immortal three but not Radiant, the group receives a 25 percent RR penalty. If anyone is Radiant, the group receives a 75 percent RR penalty. Adjustments have also been made to reduce wait time for five-stacks. 

    Players can check out all of the changes in the official patch notes. Patch 4.08 is expected to go live later today.

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