Underrated Vencord Plugins: Must-Haves!


Underrated Vencord Plugins you Should Use!

Discover the Hidden Gems of Vencord Plugins for Discord

Are you tired of the same old mainstream Vencord plugins for Discord? Want to spice up your Discord experience with something new and exciting? Look no further because we’ve gathered a list of the most underrated Vencord plugins that you should definitely try out! 🌟

Features Discord Should Add

These are the features that Discord should have added a long time ago, but luckily, Vencord has you covered with these highly useful plugins.

  • No Blocked Messages: Eliminate the annoyances of seeing messages from blocked users with this handy plugin.
  • Read All Notifications Button: Say goodbye to the endless sea of pings with this game-changing button.
  • Game Activity Toggle: Avoid getting caught by your significant other while gaming with this life-saving plugin.
  • Notification Volume: Take control of your notification sounds with this fantastic volume adjustment plugin.
  • Picture-in-Picture: Keep watching those must-see memes without missing a beat using this picture-in-picture feature.

Making Discord Pretty

Who doesn’t love a stylish and aesthetically pleasing Discord interface? Check out these plugins to customize your Discord to your heart’s content.

Underrated Vencord Plugins: Must-Haves!

  • Quiet Theme: Change your Discord theme to a calming, dark color for a more pleasing visual experience.
  • No Profile Themes: Ensure that everyone’s profile matches your theme with this nifty plugin.
  • Better Notes Box: Streamline your Discord profile view by hiding the unnecessary notes section.
  • Color Sighted: Enhance the look of your status indicators with beautiful, circular icons.

Quality of Life Plugins

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. These quality of life plugins will undoubtedly improve your overall Discord experience.

  • Message Tags: Create custom text macros to streamline your communication on Discord.
  • Message Click Actions: Easily manage your messages with a convenient click and hold feature.
  • One Ping Per DM: Say goodbye to endless pings from DMs with this simple yet effective plugin.
  • Reverse Image Search: Stay safe from catfishes with this essential image searching plugin.
  • Bigger Stream Preview: Get a better view of your friends’ streams with this helpful preview feature.

Stupid Plugins (But Fun!)

Who says Discord can’t be fun? Take a look at these plugins that add a touch of humor and entertainment to your Discord experience.

  • Secret Ringtone Enabler: Have some fun with your Discord ringtones using this quirky plugin.
  • Discord Cat: Embrace the whimsy of Discord with a delightful, cursor-following cat.
  • VC Narrator: Get creative with your join messages using this versatile and entertaining plugin.

Spotify Plugins

If you’re a music lover, these plugins will take your Spotify integration on Discord to the next level.

  • Fixed Spotify Embed: Protect your ears with a volume-adjustable Spotify embed using this essential plugin.
  • Spotify Crack: Enjoy Discord’s Spotify features as if you had a premium account with this sneaky yet helpful plugin.
  • Spotify Controls: Take charge of your music with handy playback controls directly within Discord.
  • Open in App: Seamlessly open Spotify links in the Spotify app for a smoother music experience.

For the Discord Nerds

For those who live and breathe Discord, these plugins will elevate your Discord expertise to a whole new level.

  • Experiments: Peek behind the scenes with access to Discord’s experimental features using this intriguing plugin.
  • Valid User: Make identifying users a breeze with instant hover-over information using this essential plugin.

With these underrated Vencord plugins, you’ll discover a whole new world of possibilities to enhance your Discord journey. Give them a try and unlock the full potential of your Discord experience!

Underrated Vencord Plugins: Must-Haves!

Remember, always use plugins responsibly and within the guidelines of Discord. Now go forth and enjoy your enhanced Discord experience with these fantastic hidden gems of Vencord plugins!

Isn’t Discord just amazing? Enjoy your exhilarating time on the platform, and remember to spread positivity and good vibes! 😊

Underrated Vencord Plugins: Must-Haves!