Twitter Must Go!


Twitter Should Be Deleted..

The Twitter Drama That’s Stirring Up Controversy

In a recent stream, Asmongold reacts to the Twitter drama involving Jodi and other streamers, shedding light on the toxic behavior that often permeates the platform.

Mockery and Insensitivity

Asmongold highlights an instance where a streamer, Jodi, faced derogatory comments about her complexion during a live stream. The incident brings to the forefront the rampant mockery and insensitivity that takes place on Twitter, despite the platform’s supposed emphasis on creating a safe space.

He points out the stark contrast between the preaching of creating a welcoming community and the actual reality of encountering hurtful behavior, questioning the effectiveness of social rules on a platform filled with “virtue signaling losers.”

Twitter Must Go!

Hypocrisy Unveiled

Asmongold also touches on the hypocrisy surrounding the issue, noting that the initial accuser proceeded to mock the person in question about balding in another tweet. This reveals the double standard and insincerity that often underlies the call-out culture on Twitter.

Real World Behavior vs. Online Virtue

Asmongold further emphasizes that the lack of adherence to social norms exhibited on Twitter is reflective of real-world behavior. He suggests that people feel more comfortable expressing their true thoughts and attitudes online, as opposed to conforming to societal expectations.

The streamer’s commentary acts as a critical examination of the disconnect between the idealizations of Twitter as a safe, welcoming environment and the grim reality of the platform’s toxicity.

It is important to remember that, despite the negativity presented in this Twitter Drama, there are countless supportive and kind individuals on social media who contribute to a positive online experience. Let’s continue to strive towards building an inclusive and respectful digital community!

Twitter Must Go!