Ultimate Franchise Destruction: Suicide Squad Finale


How To Destroy An Entire Franchise (Suicide Squad Final Scene)

Disappointing Ending for the Caped Crusader

Asmongold’s Reaction

Asmongold Reacts to the ending scene of “Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League.” As he watches the final moments of the game, he expresses his disappointment with a touch of humor. He acknowledges the impact of seeing Kevin Conroy’s last performance as Batman end in such a way.

Asmongold expresses his thoughts: “I am Vengeance, I am the Knight, I am Batman. That doesn’t sound like Batman to me, to be fair. Whoever mixed the trailer did an absolute dog [__] job. It must be disappointing for the fans to see how Arkham Batman goes out and wasting Kevin Conroy’s last performance like this.”

Backlash in the Community

The disappointing final scene has led to a significant backlash in the gaming community. Many fans and viewers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the portrayal of Batman’s conclusion in the game.

Ultimate Franchise Destruction: Suicide Squad Finale

Asmongold highlights the community’s reaction, stating: “There are a lot of unhappy people about this. They think it’s disrespectful to Batman, and many are upset about Kevin Conroy’s last voice acting as Batman ending in such a way.”

Analysis of Industry Trends

Asmongold delves into the reasons why game companies may choose to take a franchise in a new direction. He suggests that it might stem from a desire of the writers to establish their own legacy and leave a mark on the franchise.

He shares his opinion, stating: “I think it’s the ego of the writers to think they can do a better job than the people that came before them. They want to kill off the old characters to make their own characters the main story.”

Asmongold goes further to demonstrate the impact of these decisions on fans and the legacy of beloved characters like Batman.

To end on a positive note, Asmongold appreciates the passion of the gaming community and their dedication to preserving the legacy of iconic characters. He encourages fans to continue sharing their love for storylines and characters they hold dear.

Ultimate Franchise Destruction: Suicide Squad Finale

Ultimate Franchise Destruction: Suicide Squad Finale