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Supernormal - Official Launch Trailer

Bloody Footprints and Dark Secrets: Enter the Terrifying World of Supernormal

Step into the chilling world of Supernormal, a psychological horror game that will keep players on the edge of their seats. Inspired by the acclaimed Allison Road, Supernormal takes players on a journey through a seemingly ordinary apartment filled with sinister secrets. The game has just been released for PC, offering players the chance to immerse themselves in a gripping tale of mystery and terror.

Unravel the Mystery

In Supernormal, players take on the role of Detective Wyatt, who has been tasked with solving the disappearance of Masato Sakamoto’s daughter. As players explore the apartment, they must search for clues and unravel the dark truth behind the unsettling events that have taken place within its walls.

A Terrifying Experience

Supernormal promises to deliver a truly terrifying experience, with its atmospheric setting, eerie sound design, and intense gameplay. Players will find themselves drawn into a world filled with tension and foreboding, as they piece together the clues that will lead them to the heart of the mystery.

Normality Unleashed

Immerse Yourself in the Supernormal Universe

Supernormal invites players to immerse themselves in its richly detailed universe, where every corner holds a potential clue, and every step could lead to a shocking revelation. The game’s compelling narrative and immersive gameplay promise to keep players engrossed from start to finish.

Supernormal is now available on PC, offering players the chance to experience a truly spine-tingling adventure. For those who are drawn to the excitement of psychological horror and the thrill of solving a deepening mystery, Supernormal is not to be missed.

Get ready to uncover the truth and experience the terror of Supernormal!

Normality Unleashed