Top 10 Game Franchises with One Good Game


10 Game Franchises With 1 Good Game

Video Game Franchises with Only One Good Game

Sometimes, it takes until the second or third installment for video game franchises to hit their stride. Gameranx recently discussed 10 game franchises with only one good game in their YouTube video, and Falcon highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of each series. Here’s a breakdown of the content they covered:


Titanfall, a series known for its dynamic multiplayer gameplay, didn’t find its footing until the release of Titanfall 2. The original game was an interesting proof of concept, but it lacked crucial features and modes. The sequel, however, filled those gaps and delivered an exceptional experience, making it the standout entry in the franchise.


The first Crackdown game was a simple yet fun open-world experience, but its sequel didn’t live up to expectations. With a lackluster environment and uninspired gameplay, Crackdown 2 failed to capture the magic of its predecessor. The third installment, released in 2019, improved on certain aspects but overall felt out of date compared to other open-world games.

Top 10 Game Franchises with One Good Game

Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark’s original release on the Nintendo 64 was a significant improvement over its predecessor, GoldenEye. However, the long-awaited sequel, Perfect Dark Zero, fell short of expectations. With odd visuals and lackluster gameplay, the game failed to recapture the magic of the first entry in the series.


Pandemic’s first Mercenaries game was a unique open-world action experience, offering players the ability to commandeer military vehicles and unleash devastating attacks. Unfortunately, the sequel failed to achieve the same level of greatness, featuring a less compelling story and inferior gameplay mechanics that ultimately led to the demise of the franchise.

Red Steel

The original Red Steel game for the Nintendo Wii received mixed reviews due to awkward controls and lackluster combat. However, its sequel, Red Steel 2, was a massive improvement, offering a unique Wild West and Samurai-inspired setting with tight and rewarding gameplay, making it a standout entry in the series.

Final Fight

While the original Final Fight game is considered a classic beat ’em up, subsequent sequels failed to recapture its greatness. With forgettable follow-ups and a misguided gritty reboot, the franchise lost its appeal, leaving the original game as the standout title in the series.


F.E.A.R.’s original release was praised for its brilliant enemy AI, powerful gunplay, and creepy atmosphere. However, its sequels failed to live up to the high standards set by the first game, with dumbed-down gameplay mechanics and lackluster visuals, ultimately leading to the downfall of the franchise.

Top 10 Game Franchises with One Good Game


The original Stuntman game for the PS2 featured realistic handling and physics but suffered from punishing difficulty. However, its sequel, Stuntman Ignition, addressed these issues, offering a more fair and enjoyable experience, making it the standout entry in the series.

Call of Juarez

After several lackluster entries in the series, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger managed to breathe new life into the franchise with its vibrant visuals, clever storytelling, and enjoyable gameplay. Despite not receiving a follow-up, it remains the highlight of the franchise.

Watch Dogs

While the original Watch Dogs game had its flaws, its sequel, Watch Dogs 2, managed to expand on the hacking mechanics and deliver a more engaging open-world experience. With a beautifully recreated city and improved gameplay, the second game became the standout entry in the series.

Bonus: Sleeping Dogs

While not technically part of the True Crime franchise, Sleeping Dogs is considered a standout game with its fantastic open-world gameplay, compelling storyline, and vibrant setting.

Overall, the video provides a fascinating look at how some video game franchises manage to deliver only one standout entry. Each series underwent different challenges and successes, ultimately shaping the legacy of their respective titles.

Top 10 Game Franchises with One Good Game

As Falcon concluded, it’s essential to recognize the standout entries and appreciate the unique experiences they brought to the gaming world. Despite certain franchises faltering after a strong debut, each game mentioned had its unique appeal and impact on the gaming community.

With informed insights from Falcon and the team at Gameranx, it’s clear that every franchise has its defining moments, and there’s always something positive to celebrate in the world of video games.

And remember, don’t forget to celebrate the standout games in these franchises!

So, which of these franchises do you think had the most significant drop-off after their standout debut? Let us know in the comments below!

Top 10 Game Franchises with One Good Game