Mischievous Men Steal $200K in Microsoft Laptops


Men stole Microsoft laptops worth $200,000 #shorts

How Two Men Stole Microsoft Laptops Worth $200,000 #shorts

The Heist

Two men managed to steal laptops worth a whopping $200,000 from Microsoft. The potential risk of hacking the information stored on these laptops is a cause for concern.

Bruteforcing Process

The theft raises questions about the possible techniques that the perpetrators may use to access the sensitive data. How could they potentially crack the encrypted files and passwords?

Cracking Encryption

To access the files, the thieves would need an encryption key, which is in turn encrypted with a password. In order to crack the password, they would need the hash sum of the password. This is where the process of bruteforcing comes in.

Mischievous Men Steal $200K in Microsoft Laptops

Hash Sum Calculation:
Secure passwords are crucial for protecting data. Using a software algorithm, a hash function can be used to calculate the hash sum of a password. The resulting hash sum is a unique value that corresponds to the password.

Recovering the Password:
Once the hash sum is stored, whenever a password is entered, the hash function activates again to calculate the sum of the entered password. If the sum matches the control hash sum, access is granted. However, the hash itself is irreversible, meaning the only way to recover the password is through the trial and error of different input values.

To gain a greater understanding of what the hackers could potentially do next, watch the video 👀.

The heist is a stark reminder of the importance of robust security measures and the constant need for companies to stay one step ahead of potential threats.

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Mischievous Men Steal $200K in Microsoft Laptops

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Mischievous Men Steal $200K in Microsoft Laptops