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    The world’s smallest TV is priced at $49

    The North American company TinyCircuits has brought to the market two models of television receivers of the TinyTV family. According to the Daily Mail, the manufacturer positions the devices as the smallest TVs on the planet.

    This may be true, as the TVs featured by TinyCircuits are about the size of a postage stamp. The founders of TinyCircuits launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. They managed to raise over 130,000 USD.

    TV TinyTV 2 has the following dimensions: 47.6 x 36.6 x 25.9 mm. It comes with a 1-inch IPS display. The screen resolution is 216x135p. The “heart” of the TV receiver is the Rasperry Pi RP2040 chip. The capacity of the battery pack is 150 mAh. It is enough to ensure the operation of the device for two hours.

    Dimensions of the TinyTV Mini model are 26.3 x 23.8 x 21.9 mm. The device received a 0.6-inch 64x64p screen. Inside you can find a similar chip and a 50 mAh battery pack. In offline mode, the TV receiver can work for about an hour.

    Both models of television receivers are offered for purchase at a price of 49 USD. Paying 59 USD, you can get a TV with a transparent case.

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