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    The spread of prices for the iPhone Pro Max for “gray” and parallel imports reached 100 thousand rubles

    Employees of the Izvestia newspaper noticed that the cost of an iPhone imported into Russia through parallel imports could be 100,000 rubles higher than a smartphone that is sold unofficially.

    The journalists looked through the offers of several marketplaces and found that Store77, iCases, and other stores not related to large retailers offer to buy the flagship iPhone 13 Pro Max model with a maximum of internal memory of 1TB in alpine green color for 118– 135 thousand rubles. For comparison, in Re: Store for a similar smartphone they ask for 244,990 rubles.

    “Gray” stores do not pay for certification, and it is not clear how goods are imported through customs. In addition, we comply with warranty obligations and the law on the protection of consumer rights, explains the difference in price, Re:Store official representative Lyudmila Semushkina.

    However, prices differ even in large retailers. For example, M.Video – Eldorado asks 214,999 rubles for the latest iPhone in the maximum configuration. On the DNS website, a green smartphone is priced at 171,999 rubles, but you can’t buy it. The company did not answer what the cost was.

    It is noted that the “gray” points set price tags based on the initial cost of the device and a small markup. The price of the iPhone 13 Pro Max in Dubai, which is one of the most popular regions for buying such a device, is 6819 dirhams, or about 115 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate. Thus, the benefit of the “gray” store from each device is on average 34 thousand rubles and allows you to “recapture” the cost of air tickets already from one smartphone.

    In addition, Finland and Kazakhstan are considered popular destinations among unofficial suppliers. The iPhone is a high-demand product, so sellers can earn from turnover by selling several smartphones at once with a small margin.

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