The Great Pretender: Official Trailer


Great Pretender razbliuto - Official Trailer (English Subtitles)

Great Pretender razbliuto: An All-New Action-Adventure Film

After captivating audiences with the “GREAT PRETENDER” series, WIT Studio is back with an all-new action-adventure film, Great Pretender razbliuto. The film follows Dorothy, a self-proclaimed genius con artist, who finds herself pursued by the underworld after being defeated at her own game by the Shanghai Longu Bang. Presumed dead, she reemerges in a small seaside village and heads to Kyoto, leading to an exciting and mysterious journey.

The Return of Dorothy

Dorothy, the wily and confident con artist, takes center stage in this new adventure. Defeated and presumed dead, she sets out on a thrilling journey to evade the underworld and uncover the truth about her past.

An International Pursuit

The film takes audiences on a whirlwind tour from the streets of Taipei to the historic city of Kyoto. As Dorothy evades capture and seeks her own redemption, the stunning backdrop of these locales adds depth and intrigue to the story.

The Great Pretender: Official Trailer

Dazzling Tricks and Ingenious Scenarios

Just like the original series, Great Pretender razbliuto promises to deliver the same dizzying tricks and ingenious scenarios that fans have come to expect from WIT Studio. With high-stakes cons, unexpected twists, and clever schemes, the film is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

🌟 Don’t miss the premiere of Great Pretender razbliuto in select US theaters on January 9 & 10! Get ready to experience a thrilling and captivating adventure that will leave you wanting more. Get your tickets now and be prepared for an unforgettable cinematic experience! 🌟

The Great Pretender: Official Trailer