Asmongold Reacts to Palworld Announcement


Nintendo Statement on Palworld

Pokemon Company Clamps Down on Palworld

Recently, the Pokemon Company issued a statement regarding Palworld, a game released in January 2024, expressing their concern about the unauthorized use of Pokemon intellectual property and assets. The company clarified that they have not granted any permission for the use of their intellectual property in the game.

Protecting Intellectual Property

The statement underscores the Pokemon Company’s commitment to protecting their intellectual property rights. They have stated their intention to invest in and take appropriate measures to address any acts that infringe on their rights related to the Pokemon brand. This serves as a clear warning to game developers who may be considering using Pokemon assets without permission.

Cherishing Pokemon

The statement concludes by reaffirming the company’s dedication to cherishing and nurturing every Pokemon and its world. It emphasizes their ongoing effort to bring people together through the Pokemon universe, promising a future filled with new and exciting experiences for Pokemon fans.

Asmongold Reacts to Palworld Announcement

Awareness from Nintendo

It’s important to note that Nintendo is also aware of Palworld and the unauthorized use of Pokemon assets in the game. This demonstrates a collective effort from both the Pokemon Company and Nintendo to protect their intellectual property and maintain the integrity of their brands.

As gamers, developers, and fans continue to explore the world of video games, it’s essential to respect the intellectual property of established franchises like Pokemon. Doing so ensures the continued growth and success of these beloved brands.

Stay tuned for more updates on the evolving landscape of gaming and the impactful contributions of companies like the Pokemon Company and Nintendo!

Asmongold Reacts to Palworld Announcement