The Act Man Exposes Day Before Scam


Why Is The Day Before SUCH A SCAM?!

The Day Before: A High-Profile Video Game Disaster

The Day Before created a buzz as a highly-anticipated open-world MMO zombies game, but it quickly spiraled into a disaster of epic proportions. With broken promises, plagiarized content, and a studio shutdown after just four days of release, the game has become a cautionary tale in the gaming industry.

A Trainwreck of Epic Proportions

The Day Before’s launch and subsequent failure have been a spectacle to behold. It garnered the first 1/10 score from IGN in over a decade and set a new standard for disastrous video game releases.

A Masterclass in Scamming

Developed by the ironically named Fantastic Studios, The Day Before was marketed as one thing, only to reveal itself as a completely different game. Filled with plagiarized assets, volunteer developers, and questionable funding, it quickly earned a reputation for being a blatant scam.

The Act Man Exposes Day Before Scam

The Writing Was on the Wall

From the unnatural and artificial nature of the game’s trailers to the studio’s abrupt shutdown just four days after release, signs of trouble were evident throughout the game’s development.

It’s All About the Money

While the studio claimed that no money was taken from the public, the $50 price tag for Early Access and the subsequent request for refunds from almost half of the initial sales tells a different story. The lack of transparency and accountability further cemented the game’s status as a scam.

Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

The Day Before’s catastrophic failure serves as a cautionary tale for the gaming industry. It demonstrates the importance of transparency, ethical development practices, and delivering on promises made to the community.

Despite the disappointment surrounding The Day Before, the gaming industry as a whole has seen a wave of successful and innovative releases in 2023. It’s a reminder that for every misstep, there are countless opportunities for creativity and enjoyment in the world of gaming.

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The Act Man Exposes Day Before Scam

The Act Man Exposes Day Before Scam