Mastering Account Security: My Strategy


My FULL Account Security Strategy Explained (you can copy)

My FULL Account Security Strategy Explained

Account security is a critical aspect of using the internet, and Josh from All Things Secured has developed a comprehensive strategy over the years. His strategy follows seven laws, shaping how he approaches each of his online accounts, from social media platforms to bank accounts and everything in between. Let’s take a closer look at these laws and how they can help you enhance your online security.

7 Simple Laws for Account Security

Josh’s first law is that you should not put all your security eggs in one basket and that you should create a separation of security powers. This means using separate internet browsers, password managers, and authenticator apps to avoid relying too heavily on one company’s security. By doing so, you ensure that no single entity holds control over all of your valuable information.

Adhering to unique passwords that are 15 or more characters in length is another crucial law, enforced through a password manager or even pen and paper for those who prefer a more analog approach. Enabling 2-factor authentication (2FA) whenever possible is another priority, adding an extra layer of security beyond just a password. When an account allows for a physical security key, Josh takes full advantage of this option, leveraging both primary and backup keys for added security.

Mastering Account Security: My Strategy

Even accounts that don’t accept hardware security keys are safeguarded by keeping authenticator codes separately, especially where sensitive information could be compromised. However, for common accounts, a slight deviation from the first law is allowed, as Josh stores authenticator codes together with passwords, emphasizing convenience over added security.

Recent Changes to the Security Strategy

Josh highlights evolving aspects of his security approach, such as creating new accounts with unique email aliases, using biometric locks or unique PINs for mobile apps, utilizing private virtual numbers for SMS verification codes, and the contentious debate around the effectiveness of passcodes as an added security layer. These laws are still being ironed out but have become essential considerations for enhancing personal security.

He also references the need to protect personal information on the internet, emphasizing the importance of using services like DeleteMe to remove sensitive data held by thousands of data brokers. These steps aim to safeguard privacy and reduce exposure to potential security risks.

In light of these laws, Josh invites viewers to share their thoughts on his strategy and engage in a discussion, encouraging a collaborative approach to enhancing online security.

In conclusion, the keys components of Josh’s strategy involve diversifying security measures, utilizing strong and unique passwords, leveraging 2FA where possible, and staying up-to-date with new security methods. By adopting similar principles, users can improve their account security in an increasingly digital world.

Mastering Account Security: My Strategy

Now, it’s time to evaluate your own account security strategy and consider what changes could be made. Any progress in this area promises to contribute to a safer and more secure online experience for everyone!

😊 Stay safe and stay secure!

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Mastering Account Security: My Strategy