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    TFT Dragon Eggs drop in Patch 12.9, Hextech Augments get testing changes for Set 7

    Dragon Eggs for the upcoming Teamfight Tactics Set Seven Dragonlands are arriving early via Patch 12.9, according to game designer Kent “Riot Kent” Wu and game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer from today’s Patch Rundown

    Players will get a taste of TFT Set Seven with the release of Patch 12.9 on May 11 via Dragon Eggs, along with minor changes to the Hextech Augment percentage table. The May 11 update is also the official “for fun” patch, loaded with more shakeups to the meta than players have seen in previous sets. 

    Dragon Eggs are packed with goodies, along with a few stipulations. At the start of every game, each player in the lobby will receive a Dragon Egg on their bench. There are a total of five different-sized eggs, with each player getting the same size. Some eggs will crack on turn four, while others won’t pop until turn 27 on Stage 5-6. The base reward types for each TFT egg are the same for all eggs of that size, and though some players may get different items, all eggs in each lobby will crack at the same time.

    Here is the Dragon Eggs table for TFT 12.9, revealed today during the Patch Rundown. The odds percentage represents the chance of receiving that egg on the bench.

    Egg reward Odds percentage Hatch time
    Tome 35 percent Stage 2-1
    Tome and two components 25 percent Stage 2-6
    Tome, two items, and two Reforgers 20 percent Stage 3-6
    Tome, one Radiant item, one full item, and two Reforgers 12 percent Stage 4-6
    Tome, two Radiant items, one Remover, and two Reforgers Eight percent Stage 5-6

    Hextech Augments will remain in place once Set 6.5 ends in four weeks, resulting in the TFT team dropping some experimental test changes into Patch 12.9, according to Mortdog. These changes include the return of Gold/Silver/Silver as an option. Odds were lowered for the third Prismatic, and the Prismatic/Prismatic/Prismatic option was increased from one to two percent. 

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