TechLinked: Apple’s Had Enough


Enough is Enough, Apple.

Tech News Roundup: Updated iOS Messaging, Microsoft’s E-Waste Dilemma, and AI on iPhones

iOS Messaging Faces Scrutiny

Beeper, an innovative messaging app, has decided to throw in the towel after a grueling cat-and-mouse game with Apple’s iMessage. Despite their efforts, Apple’s strict control over the app has prompted the US Department of Justice to look into potential antitrust behavior. This comes as a blow to Beeper, whose innovative solution to iMessage compatibility may now go unrealized.

Windows 11 on the Rise

A potential crisis is brewing, with Microsoft’s plans to deprecate Windows 10, leaving 240 million PCs at risk of ending up in landfills due to their ineligibility for the new OS. This significant shift brings attention to the environmental impact of e-waste and the urgent need for responsible recycling and refurbishment solutions.

AI Advancements for iPhones

On the brighter side, Apple has made strides in optimizing language models to run efficiently on iPhones and Macs. This breakthrough involves storing AI model parameters on flash memory, allowing for improved processing speed on these devices. The potential for iPhones to run locally hosted AI models opens up exciting prospects for users in the future.

TechLinked: Apple’s Had Enough

Quick Bits

Amidst these developments, MotionGrey’s Holiday Sale offers an opportunity to upgrade your work-from-home setup with a 15% discount and a free mystery gift. However, enthusiasts using CableMod’s 16-pin adapters should exercise caution, as a recall notice has been issued due to potential design defects.

In the realm of cybercrime, an 18-year-old hacker’s sentencing for an indefinite hospital stay sheds light on the intersection of legal and medical complexities. Meanwhile, Asus and LG engage in a cheeky competition over the “world’s first” monitor, but Sony has managed to soothe PlayStation users by retaining access to their purchased TV shows, thanks to a new licensing deal.

As 2021 comes to an end, TechLinked’s year-end Roundup promises to capture the essence of this year’s tech highs and lows, evoking a sense of shared nostalgia and renewed optimism for the future.

Let’s keep looking ahead to all the exciting possibilities that technology has in store for us! 🌟

TechLinked: Apple’s Had Enough