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    Stylish meat shooter PERISH got a brutal video, accompanied by powerful rock and gameplay clippings from the game

    Studio staff ITEM42 and German publisher HandyGames posted on your channel a video that fully reflects the essence of their future project – a stylish shooter PERISH. Adrenaline-filled video will definitely appeal to fans of Mick Gordon’s work (Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal). Put on your headphones or turn on your speakers and enjoy!

    You play as a corporeal spirit doomed to suffer. To save yourself, you have to make a long journey through Purgatory, filled with various terrifying creatures, eager to destroy you. Get ready to see a world filled with elements of ancient Greek, Roman and Christian mythology. The player can choose from a large list of weapons that can be improved over time: spears, swords, bows, firearms. Explore various dilapidated temple complexes, shipwrecks and gloomy caves. Overcome alone, or together with friends (up to three people per player per team), all the dangers that have fallen to your lot!

    As seen on PlayGround

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