STOP Copying and Pasting on Discord!

PSA: Don't Copy and Paste Messages on Discord!

PSA: Don’t Copy and Paste Messages on Discord!

Copy and pasting just got buffed on Discord. Because whether you like it or not, Discord is filled with snot-nosed goblins that try to ruin your day. And their new tactic is a doozy. It can get your Discord server raided or get you completely banned off Discord. Now most people don’t bat an eye when it comes to copy and pasting messages, what you see is what you get. However, with a bit of linguistic (as well as unicode) trickery, things can be more dangerous than you think!

Level 1: Beware of Copy and Paste Requests

Level one is actually quite simple. You might have one of your annoying Discord friends telling you that you need to copy and paste a list into Discord because it’s some sort of Easter egg for Discord Nitro, or as part of a verification process for a server. But beware, this innocent-looking message could actually contain offensive content, leading to a ban if reported. So use caution and be skeptical of copy and paste requests.

Level 2: The Flipped Message Trick

At level two, someone might send you a message with a .txt file, asking you to copy and paste it for a chance at something exciting like free Nitro. However, this message might appear harmless until it’s pasted into Discord and automatically flips around using a right to left override trick. This sneaky tactic can contain offensive content which may result in a ban if reported.

STOP Copying and Pasting on Discord!

Level 3: The Deadly Discord Command

Level three is even more devious. A message that appears innocuous and is copied and pasted can actually be a disguised admin or ban command, posing a serious threat to your server’s integrity. The intention behind these messages is malicious, and users need to be extra vigilant and think twice before executing any commands or actions prompted by others.

So here’s the key advice: if someone tells you to copy a message, use your brain for 2 seconds and figure out the point of it. Do you really need to do it, or is it just some sort of prank? By being cautious and skeptical, you can avoid falling victim to these tricks that could have serious repercussions.

And always remember, be careful with what you copy and paste on Discord!

Gamer, bye-bye, and always remember, you’re loved! 😊🎮

STOP Copying and Pasting on Discord!