AI Takes Over CES 2024


CES 2024… a glimpse into our AI-powered future

CES 2024: The Future of AI

Last week at CES 2024, the world got a glimpse into what our AI-powered future may hold. As The Code Report uncovers the most hyped up new technologies at the conference, one thing became clear: artificial intelligence is the driving force behind the latest advancements in modern consumer hardware.

New AI-Powered Products

From the Rabbit R1, a handheld AI assistant that connects to smartphone apps, to the Ballie robot by Samsung, CES 2024 was abuzz with exciting AI products. The Rabbit R1, known for its unique Foundation model, was labeled as the “iPhone moment for the AI era,” boasting the ability to control smartphone apps through natural language. Meanwhile, Ballie, a small robot equipped with AI, offers a range of functions from playing videos to acting as a security bot.

AI in the Automotive Industry

Another groundbreaking trend was the integration of AI in the automotive industry. Driverless tractors from companies like John Deere and Hyundai’s concept X excavator are leading the charge in replacing manual labor with robots. Additionally, AI-powered exoskeletons like the Prox Exoskeleton from Hypershell promise to enhance human performance in physically demanding tasks, signaling a future where AI and humans work hand in hand.

AI Takes Over CES 2024

The AI-Powered Dystopian Future

While CES showcased the potential for AI to transform our lives, some conversations hinted at the concerns surrounding the rapidly advancing technology. Issues such as job displacement and the environmental impact of new technologies serve as a reminder that with great power comes great responsibility. The people’s response to newer tech has largely determined the path AI has taken, and with that comes the weight on everyone’s shoulders to ensure a positive future for all.

As we marvel at the technological marvels presented at CES, it’s essential to remember that these innovations are merely tools. Ultimately, the future of AI is in our hands, and how we choose to harness its power will shape the world our children inherit.

In the immortal words of Michelangelo, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” Let us be the sculptors of our AI-powered future, carving out a world where progress is balanced with wisdom, and technology elevates the human experience.

AI Takes Over CES 2024