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    Sources: London Royal Ravens expected to start Harry over Gismo; Ultra Academy EU left without a fourth days from Pro-Am Classic

    London Royal Ravens are expected to call up substitute Harry, who will likely start in place of Gismo—leaving Toronto Ultra’s European academy team scrabbling for a replacement just four days prior to the Pro-Am Classic, multiple sources tell Dot Esports.

    Gismo has had an incredible start to his rookie Call of Duty season. He finished his first five matches with the second-highest kill/death ratio in the league and was looking like a potential MVP caliber player to kick off his career.

    London went on to place third at Major One despite Gismo struggling, and the org later revealed he was dealing with personal issues back home, as well as health issues of his own, and would be taking a short break to return to England.

    Gismo returned a week later and continued to compete, but unfortunately, the franchise hasn’t seen the same success and went on to place top-eight at Major Two.

    Now, Gismo has been met with yet another roadblock during his rookie season—Harry is expected to make his debut for the franchise this weekend in his place. The reasoning for the potential move is currently unknown, as well as if the change is intended as a permanent move moving forward, or only temporary.

    Harry is currently on loan to Toronto Ultra’s European academy; the team was set to leave for North America over the next few days in preparation for the Pro-Am Classic which starts on May 5 and finishes on May 8.

    Vortex, Beans, and Furious are looking for a last-minute replacement for Harry before Thursday, and could potentially scout America for an Assault Rifle player.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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