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    Sony has learned how to turn people into virtual anime girls

    To do this, you only need a smartphone and six tracker sensors that are attached to the body.

    Six sensors for motion capture attached to the body

    The Mocopi device from Sony is six lightweight wireless pucks reminiscent of Apple’s AirTags. To make them more comfortable to wear, special Velcro straps were developed in pair with them – trackers need to be inserted into them, and then wrapped around the ankles, wrists, back and head. Gizmodo writes about it.

    The washers read human movements and accurately transmit them to the virtual space. On the screen, they are broadcast by the avatar selected by the user. It’s funny that in all the teaser videos it is a girl drawn in Japanese style. Everything is copied, starting with the turn of the foot and ending with facial expressions and eye movements.

    This technology is suitable for streamers and creators of entertainment videos who do not want to reveal their identity on the Internet. Mocopi’s sensors can also be used to create AR games.

    The set of sensors looks like this:

    And this video shows what they can do:

    In January 2023, the development of Sony will appear in Japan. There, the set will cost $ 360 (22,000 rubles at the exchange rate). Unfortunately, there are no details on whether the device will be available in other countries yet.

    As seen on PlayGround

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