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    Sign language is now possible in VRchat thanks to new finger-tracking technology

    The virtual reality app VRChat has added a new finger tracking feature that allows users to authentically communicate using sign language.

    As noted @elfsternberg on Twitter (via @Benaclejames), VR platform VRChat has unveiled a new finger-tracking technology that allows users to communicate with each other using sign language. As shown in the video below, users using the new feature can control their hands in the virtual world without much restriction, allowing them to signal to the person in front of them in the game.

    In the latest update to the game, the developer has included a finger-tracking system in the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro headset, which means that users can bend their fingers more precisely to perform actions such as working with the VRChat menu, but more importantly, interacting with other users through sign language. This feature is currently “experimental” and still “under development”, so it may change in the future.

    Unfortunately, it only works with VRChat on Quest 2 and Quest Pro, so it is currently not compatible with Quest Link, Quest Airlink, Virtual Desktop, or other PC-connected solutions. This is apparently due to “platform and technical limitations”, but the game’s developer stated that he is “looking for ways to get the same experience on PC VRChat”.

    It’s still an impressive addition to VRChat, which seems to be a step ahead of Meta now. You may remember that just recently, Metaverse founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that soon Metaverse users will be able to give virtual legs to their Avatar.

    If you are not familiar with VRChat, then it is a social application that allows its users to walk around the virtual world and interact with each other. The game is currently available on Steam and directly on the Meta Quest headset. Once in the virtual world, users can create their own full body avatars, lip sync, eye tracking, and full range of motion to socialize and engage in a range of other social activities.

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