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    Seraphine, Ivern, and Blitzcrank among 8 champions getting buffs for League’s patch 12.12

    After some of the busiest patches in recent memory, it looks like the League of Legends developers at Riot Games are taking a bit of time to let the grander changes with the game’s upcoming patch 12.12—if you’re still reeling after the past few patches, don’t worry: associate game designer Tim “Truexy” Jiang says this next patch will be a bit smaller than usual.

    The team is still collecting information on overall lethality in-game, game time, and role power after the massive durability update that took place through patch 12.10, along with the other adjustments made in the next patch.

    This time around, a few less popular picks will be getting buffed, including one of Runeterra’s most polite tree-people, Ivern. The Green Father has been one of the least played champions in the jungle, and also has one of the worst win rates in the role, according to League stats aggregate, U.GG. This stat has steadily dropped over the course of the last five updates, prompting devs to send some love his way to help stop the freefall. Other picks like Annie, Amumu, and Yorick are also getting some buffs, which should make some enthusiasts happy.

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    On the opposite side of the spectrum, Seraphine is getting buffed—even though she is still one of the most played champions in the game. She can be found in multiple roles, but according to U.GG, she only has a win rate above 50 percent in the role with the least amount of games played: AP carry in the bot lane.

    Although details haven’t been revealed, Riot could be shifting power in her kit so she can find success in more traditional roles like mid and support, which are both sub-50 percent.

    Meanwhile, Blitzcrank remains one of the most played support champions in the world with the ninth-highest pick rate in his role. The Steam Golem has seen better days on the Summoner’s Rift, though. His win rate has dropped slightly over the past five patches, along with his pick and ban rate, showing his gradual decline in favor among the player base.

    Overall, it should be relieving for League fans to see a much smaller update. There were, however, a few big names getting nerfed next patch, including the game’s newest champ, Bel’Veth. Patch 12.12 is scheduled to hit live servers on Thursday, June 23.

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