SAMTIME: Apple’s Latest Game-Changing Feature


Apple Finally Lets You Do It

Apple Makes Sideloading a Reality in the EU!

Apple has taken a significant step by allowing real sideloading on iPhones in the EU. This move grants users the ability to download and install apps directly from developers’ websites. However, there’s a twist to this groundbreaking development that comes with a set of requirements and costs.

The Catch: Stringent Requirements

Developers aiming to leverage this new feature must meet certain criteria set by Apple. They need to have been enrolled in Apple’s developer program for a minimum of 2 years with a spotless account history. Additionally, only European developers are eligible, and their applications will undergo scrutiny to ensure they are safe for users.

The Million-Download Rule

One of the most challenging prerequisites is that developers must have garnered a staggering one million downloads for one of their apps in the past year. This high benchmark aims to ensure the quality and popularity of the apps eligible for sideloading.

SAMTIME: Apple’s Latest Game-Changing Feature

The Apple Core Technology Fee

Furthermore, developers will be required to pay a fee of 50 EUR to Apple for each annual download of their app beyond the initial one million mark. This fee structure, dubbed the “Apple Core Technology Fee,” is designed to monetize the sideloading feature and generate revenue for Apple.

While the new sideloading option is a significant development, developers must navigate through stringent requirements and financial obligations to make use of this feature.

Despite the challenges, Apple’s initiative heralds a new era of app distribution, empowering developers and users alike with more flexibility and choice. It’s a step forward towards a more open ecosystem, where innovation can thrive. Exciting times lie ahead for the tech community in the EU!

SAMTIME: Apple’s Latest Game-Changing Feature