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    Riot will increase the cost of League of Legends microtransactions around the world, but this will not affect Russia and the CIS

    Riot announced a price hike for League of Legends in-game currency. Starting August 19th, prices for RP and TFT coins will rise in “most” of the regions in which the game operates, and the publisher gives a list of reasons for this: “global inflation, currency fluctuations, maintaining fair prices between regions and within regions, consistency in all our products and other related cost increases.”

    The publisher adds that it conducts an annual pricing review, and usually this results in changes in a few regions, but “this year’s analysis has identified economic shifts on a global scale, hence the worldwide impact.”

    Riot is going to run a few pre-price promotions from at least July 14 to July 31 – double coins on every purchase. After this period, prices will return to normal, and on August 19 there will be an increase.

    It is noteworthy that, as usual, the UK was slightly on the losing side. The average price change for UK LoL players is 10.9%, while for European and US players the increase is 9.8%. Canada gets a 9.9% increase. But these changes will not affect Russia and the CIS countries, while residents of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries will receive the same bonuses as players who will be affected by the price increase.

    The creator of LoL notes that he took the opportunity to solve some problems, such as making it possible to purchase champion skins for 1350 RP or arena skins for 1380 RP/TFTC in each region.

    League of Legends is in a good position right now with the Star Guardian event kicking off on July 14, although Riot still says it’s looking to “slow down the pace of combat” in the game. The wild success of Arcane (and the fact that Riot subsequently bought a stake in the studio) also suggests a bright future on the small screen.

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