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    Racing arcade Re-Volt appeared on Steam

    Publisher H2 Interactive has announced that Acclaim Studios’ acclaimed arcade racing game Re-Volt is now available on Steam. It should be noted that the game does not have (official) support for online multiplayer, but can be played online using RVGL, which also adds the ability to play locally with up to four players in split screen.

    In April 2022, the original version of the game became available on GOG, and now the same version will be released on Steam. Steam will have the same goodies as the GOG version: art, manual, quick reference (keyboard control) and soundtrack (from the PC/Dreamcast version).

    Re-Volt lets you drive one of 28 remote controlled cars around crazy race tracks in extraordinary conditions. Because the cars are the size of real remote control cars, the objects around the track are very large. Curbs become huge walls, toys become obstacles. There are 13 different tracks spread across the four Cups, including races at museums, supermarkets, and places that can look like your own neighborhood.

    As seen on PlayGround

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