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    Overwatch 2 removing loot box system, replacing it with battle passes and new in-game shop

    One of the most criticized features of Overwatch is being completely removed in Overwatch 2, allowing players to know exactly what they’ll earn for playing games.

    During today’s Overwatch 2 reveal event, lead hero designer Geoff Goodman revealed that loot boxes will be completely removed from the sequel and replaced with a new battle pass system that will be updated with each season. Goodman noted that these changes will give players more “control” over how they play the game and the content that they earn. The game will also be introducing a new in-game shop with its contents rotating on a regular basis, though no specifics were provided.

    “There will be no Loot Boxes in Overwatch 2. Instead, the modernized live service will give our players the power to shape their own experiences,” Blizzard explained in a new blog post. “Players can acquire the items they want directly through the Battle Pass and an all-new and consistently updated in-game shop. Our team will create and deliver seasonal content every nine weeks to ensure there’s always something fresh and exciting waiting for everyone.”

    With the removal of loot boxes, players who do not purchase the battle pass will likely need to rely on free battle pass rewards and purchasing cosmetics directly from this new in-game store if they wish to change the looks of their heroes. It has not been confirmed if and how players will earn coins, the in-game currency earned via loot boxes in the original Overwatch, which would likely be used to directly purchase these cosmetics.

    The sample battle pass shown in the presentation displays free and premium rewards that players can earn by completing challenges and leveling up their passes. The rewards listed include various skins, sprays, icons, victory poses, experience, and weapon charms. It’s unclear how much each battle pass will cost, as well as how much content players who do not purchase the battle pass will obtain.

    Overwatch 2 will officially launch in free-to-play early access on Oct. 4 for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Registration for the second beta, set to begin on June 28 for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, is currently ongoing.

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