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    New Dwarf Fortress Screenshots Showcase Beautiful Human Animal Sprites

    Developer Bay 12 Games has unveiled new human animal sprite screenshots from pixel artist Neoriceisgood.

    In particular, Neoriceisgood created about 200 different human animal sprites. Instead of, say, a “swallow caveman” represented by a lowercase “s”, it would look like, well, a swallow caveman. If you look at the list of animal people on the Dwarf Fortress wiki, you will see that there are many of them, from wombat man, dragonfly man to bug man.

    Animal People can be wild characters encountered during your journey through Dwarf Fortress, or they can be played in the original game’s adventure mode. Although they are half human, they tend to have their own traits to match whichever animal they look like, so you can probably expect a swallow caveman to have the ability to fly.

    “Animal people can be friend or foe, but because they’re half animals, you shouldn’t take their behavior for granted. You have to remember where they came from,” the Steam update says. “You must always take care of yourself in the wild. Even newly tamed animals are only one step away from wild savagery. Respect for nature is the best defense against wild animal deeds. The environment exists in a state of delicate balance, according to the elves. Habitat destruction animals makes you their natural worst enemy.Beware of the wilds, lest you experience their wrath!”

    Bay 12 Games has been releasing blogs on the project for some time, but it’s still unknown when the new version will be ready: “time is subjective,” according to the release date on Steam.

    As seen on PlayGround

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