Mobile Users outraged by Discord’s Lack of Text to Speech


Discord is Making Mobile Users Angry! | Discord News Recap

Discord’s Recent Updates and Experiments: A Mixed Bag

Discord has recently made some changes to their mobile UI that have left many users frustrated. But amidst the controversy, the platform also has some interesting experiments and updates in the works. Let’s take a closer look at what Discord is up to!

The Controversial Mobile Update

Many Discord users are unhappy with the recent update to the mobile UI, with the app’s ratings dropping below three stars on the Play Store. This dissatisfaction stems from the fact that a workaround to revert to the old mobile UI was recently patched by Discord, leaving many users feeling frustrated. While the app’s new look has not gone down well with users, it’s clear that many are passionate about having the option to use the old interface.

Exciting Experiments

Despite the mobile update causing a stir, Discord has been working on some compelling experiments that are generating positive buzz. One such experiment is the ‘Swiping to Reply’ feature, which promises to make the mobile experience more convenient for users. Unfortunately, the rollout of this feature has not been smooth, leaving many users longing for its immediate implementation.

Mobile Users outraged by Discord’s Lack of Text to Speech

Minimalism Experiment

On a more positive note, Discord is currently experimenting with a ‘hide member list activities’ feature that aims to provide a cleaner and minimalistic feel to the Discord interface. This update is a refreshing change for those looking to simplify their server experience.

New Shop Features

Discord is also gearing up to introduce new elements to its shop, with exciting new Avatar decorations and collectible items on the horizon. This promises to provide users with new ways to personalize their accounts and express themselves within the platform.

Discord Mod View

For server moderators, Discord is working on a ‘guild member mod view’ experiment, which promises to provide valuable tools and insights for managing servers effectively. This new feature aims to streamline moderation tasks and improve the overall server management experience.

Nitro Custom Emoji Perk Roadblock

Lastly, Discord is experimenting with a new feature that restricts the use of certain emojis to users with a Discord Nitro subscription. While this may be a controversial move, it could provide added value to Nitro subscribers and bring additional revenue to the platform.

While the recent mobile UI update may have left some users feeling disgruntled, the experiments and updates currently in the works demonstrate Discord’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the user experience and adding new features to the platform. Hopefully, Discord will find a way to address the concerns raised by its user base!

Mobile Users outraged by Discord’s Lack of Text to Speech

So, despite the recent hiccups, there’s a lot to look forward to on Discord. Whether it’s a cleaner interface or new ways to personalize your account, the platform is constantly evolving and trying to cater to user needs. It’s an exciting time for Discord users, and the platform’s capacity for ongoing change and experimentation is something to look forward to!

Let’s stay hopeful and excited for the future of Discord! 🌟

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Mobile Users outraged by Discord’s Lack of Text to Speech