Moana 2 Trailer Surprise!


Moana 2 - Official First Look Announcement Trailer (2024)

Discover the New Adventure with Moana 2 – Official First Look Announcement Trailer (2024)

Walt Disney Animation Studios is set to enchant viewers once again with the highly anticipated sequel, “Moana 2”. This epic animated musical promises to take audiences on a thrilling journey across the vast seas of Oceania alongside the beloved characters of Moana and Maui, as well as a new cast of intriguing seafarers.

Dive into Uncharted Waters

In this new chapter, Moana is called upon by her wayfinding ancestors to embark on a daring expedition to uncharted territories. The stakes are higher, and the dangers more treacherous as Moana navigates through long-lost waters in search of answers and adventure. Audiences can expect a story that will challenge Moana unlike anything she has faced before.

A Creative Team at the Helm

Directed by Dave Derrick Jr., “Moana 2” boasts a talented musical lineup that includes Grammy® winners Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear, Grammy nominee Opetaia Foa’i, and three-time Grammy winner Mark Mancina. With such exceptional musical talents on board, the film is sure to deliver a soundtrack that will captivate and inspire viewers.

Moana 2 Trailer Surprise!

Save the Date

Mark your calendars for November 27, 2024, as “Moana 2” is set to make a splash in theaters. Fans of the original film and newcomers alike can look forward to an unforgettable cinematic experience that celebrates the spirit of exploration, friendship, and courage.

Get ready to set sail on a voyage like never before with “Moana 2”. Embrace the magic of storytelling and embark on an adventure that will capture your heart and imagination. Positive vibes all the way! 🌟🌺🌊

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Moana 2 Trailer Surprise!