Microsoft’s Wi-Fi Woes


Microsoft Broke Windows Wi-Fi

Issues with Windows 11 Update

The latest Windows 11 update seems to be causing issues with Wi-Fi connections, particularly in devices with certain Qualcomm Wi-Fi adapters and networks using the 802.11r fast roaming standard. This feature is commonly utilized in large campuses, such as universities, and the problem has prompted several educational institutions to recommend rolling back the update to alleviate the connectivity problems experienced by students.

Concerns About Apple’s Practices

Apple is currently under the scrutiny of US lawmakers for attempting to hinder the services of tech company Beeper. There are concerns about Apple’s potential anti-competitive behavior, and calls have been made for the Department of Justice to investigate the matter further. This comes as Apple has faced pressures to comply with sales bans and other legal challenges, highlighting its vulnerability to government intervention.

Controversy Surrounding TikTok’s New User Terms

TikTok is making headlines again due to changes in its user terms and conditions. The platform has shifted to require legal challenges to be filed in specific Californian courts, limiting individual arbitration and potentially saving the company millions in fees. This move has raised eyebrows given TikTok’s history of litigation, and the platform is currently facing a class action lawsuit and other legal battles.

Microsoft’s Wi-Fi Woes

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Microsoft’s Wi-Fi Woes