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New Cycle - Official Early Access Launch Trailer

New Cycle: A New Era of Civilization

New Cycle, a city-building survival strategy game developed by Core Engage, transports players to a post-apocalyptic world where survival is paramount. In a society ravaged by solar flares, players are tasked with guiding the fate of civilization, from rebuilding small camps to developing sprawling metropolises. The game is available now on PC via Steam Early Access.

Rebuilding Civilization

New Cycle challenges players to navigate the complexities of a new world by making decisions for the betterment of mankind. From establishing settlements and developing them from humble beginnings to industrial metropolises, to ensuring the survival of the population against all odds, players must harness their ability to rebuild, rediscover, and adapt to the new normal.

Survival and Resource Management

In the year 2073, humanity grapples with the aftermath of devastating solar flares, which have thrown society into disarray and wiped out technological advancements of the past. In this desperate world, players must seek, gather, and produce new resources to advance their civilization. As settlements develop, players will rediscover advanced and complex ways of production, thereby allocating workers and managing human resources to keep settlements running smoothly.

IGN News: Early Access Launch Trailer

Societal Development and Challenges

As populations grow, players must make crucial decisions to determine how their society treats its people and the nature around it. Choosing laws and decrees wisely is essential, as every new member of the community brings players closer to rediscovering forgotten technologies of the old world. Each era in the game has the potential to improve production and the lives of the people, ultimately leading to a new era of progress.

Challenge and Hope

Players must be prepared to face challenges such as natural disasters, refugee crises, unrest, and disease outbreaks. However, amidst the hardships, the game reminds players that there is always hope. As they avert the downfall of their civilization, they are also reminded that the greatest achievement is yet to come.

With its immersive gameplay and engaging narrative, New Cycle offers players an opportunity to navigate the complexities of a post-apocalyptic world while making crucial decisions that shape the fate of civilization. Embrace the challenges, anticipate the triumphs, and join the journey towards a new era of progress and survival in New Cycle.

IGN News: Early Access Launch Trailer